About Us

Fifty years of tradition

The history of our brand took place 50 years ago, in a quiet Perugia where a young lady, Marilena Gardi, in a small textile workshop of the city, was concerned with achieving dresses tailor. Marilena had a needle and thread for her great passion and when her two children began to grow, she thought to exploit her art to make Carnival costumes for them. Cutting art and sewing, there was nothing that she couldn’t achieve, but Marilena couldn’t image to make Carnival costumes, first for her children and for friends then,gradually , for a wider circle range of friends and relatives, represented the beginning of an activity, unthinkable, for those times.  

Marilena and her dressmaker

In that period, we began to take our first steps onto the attractive world of entertainment, right in the field of tailoring and production of theatrical costumes of Carnival. Our craftswomen involved in the design and made costumes of any kind, dealing with every phase of production, from drawing and cutting to designing  and ending of each piece. Even then the quality was the focus of all our attention, and soon, our name became, in the city of Perugia and surrounding areas sign of reliability, capacity and beauty. Means of production and communication weren’t comparable to those of today’s ones, but the experience, patience and dedication of our tailors, allowed us to lay solid foundations to plan the future.  

From mother to son

In early 90’s, Massimo, Marilena’ son, held the reins of family’s factory and decided to evolve Divertilandia creating supplied accessories store for holidays: people who came in our shop remained fascinated by the beauty of our textile achievements, for choice of accessories, costumes’ accessories, masks and unavailable gadgets. Massimo’s marketing scent, helped Divertilandia to be an unique shop in its genre, the interest in our products grow quickly up, as the most different requirements, from all regions of Italy. This interest aroused by our shop nationally, led Massimo, always open-minded  to innovations, technologies and media, to open our first, elementary and embryonic website. So 1995 came, and even if the Web was in its infancy in our country, but the intuition was  right and, increasingly, the demands started to become quite enough: Internet proved to be the best communication method of our era. Just in this case, our website became a real e-commerce, from simple featured of products.

Growing up looking to the future

Divertilandia is the last  expression of this evolution; it’s the first chapter of our little great history and of its thousand facets. Divertilandia is the solid foundation from which we started moving our feet and making our bets ...projected into the future. Youth, optimism, dynamism, creativity, professionalism, reactivity, willingness to entertain and have fun, thanks to these skills even when a competitor registered Divertilandia trademark, in 2000. We were able to trasform  this difficulty in an opportunity ... Divertilandia turned its name into Fun Holding, the speed of our ascendancy instead of slowing down, suddenly boosted, thanks also to the fame acquired in the field by thousands of people who were satisfied with our products.  

Floaty and the brand “Party Street”

Our present time is a wonderful ever-changing story where protagonists are people, knowledge, experience, technology and traditions; seemingly antithetical to each other are mixed and sewn together, by Massimo Gardi,  to create something quickly that goes beyond the simple concept of “activity” and approaching more to the definition of “brand”. The need for a real “brand”, a factory mark that makes us unique and unmistakable, combined with the desire to give our work an even more dynamic, modern and close to the needs of our large customer, gets us a new proposal, the consolidation of our own identity. Our new way of being, this new identity, called “Party Street” expresses perfectly what is our company’s mission, becoming a nationally and internationally reference point, in the field of entertainment, customs, costume workshop and accessories for holidays. Floaty, our symbol, expresses the innate human desire to celebrate just joy, with his sly and cheerful expression, wonder aroused by a party, by a disguise or by a mask.  

Online, always with you!

The Internet and our great e-commerce portal Divertilandia.it; Partystreet.it, our online new store that it will surprising you, a magnificent catalog with our best craftsmanship, our cheerful and colorful shop are the means by which, Party Street and Floaty enter into  the heart of whom celebrates entertainment. Our atavistic desire growing, to involve, to thrill, led us expanding our perspective beyond what has so far been our operating range, to a new form of dissemination, even more extensive and closer to people: the specific sale of our brand and our products into a specific kind of franchising. Franchising: an original, innovative and, above all,  an unexplored ventures area with excellent opportunities of growing. From a small tailor’s and dressmaker’s to landmark of entertainment sector… that’s to sum up, how we are and what we would like to become, pleasantly conceited, like Floaty’s expression!

Party Street in Italian language